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Klemens Senn, Co-Founder

Devs are currently in high demand. Targeting them with personal matches is key.


Looking for a job can be frustrating: why browse through jobs every day, if there are no new openings available? On the other hand search agents tend to spam the user.
Available AI solutions cannot make personalized recommendations. But how to avoid missing the perfect job?
Together with devjobs.at, danube.ai created a new AI search agent: every day, all available jobs are matched to the individual profiles of every single user.
You'll never miss a job opportunity again, since danube.ai cleverly weights pros against cons. Or wouldn't you go that extra mile for your dream job?
devjobs.at asked their users: How do you like the jobs recommended by danube.ai? 87% said they are satisfied with the agents performance.
The danube.ai agent has calculated around 140.000 matches between fall 2019 and fall 2021. In collaboration with devjobs.at we continuously improve the solution.